Illustrations by Precious Ugbo, copyright 2018, all rights reserved.


“Love is never too proud to fall.” –@GnosisNeurosis



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“There is freedom waiting for you, on the breezes of the sky. And you ask, ‘what if i fall? oh but my darling, what if you fly.” —Erin Hanson.”


Hey guyyyyyyyys!!

I took an entire two weeks break from social media. And, like most change, it was exhilarating and so many other unnameable emotions. Whew!

Sometimes, I forget how freeing it felt to push beyond my fear of the unknown and seek real human interaction outside of social media. I tend to forget how important it was to break out of my comfort zone and explore my world in all its vastness and beauty.


Illustrations by Precious Ugbo, copyright 2018, all rights reserved.


“…but, what if you fly!”



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Have You Prayed Today?

Have You Prayed Today?

A breath of fresh air, sunshine, and hot cocoa
can’t we for only a moment let go
and dwell on the blessings, you know?
that we’ve freely received

Life, love and laughters -these gifts!
sprinkled down from heaven like waters
God’s love for us, embedded
But, look how we’ve unintentionally disregarded

Have you prayed today?
A rustle of “thank you,” blown away
Up to heaven, sincere and redemptive
For God’s ears are overly attentive



I can’t ever decide!
Between your shy smile and your bright stare
burning massive hole in my heart
I am left weak, anyway

Maybe it’s the way you act
like you couldn’t bare to feel our bodies touch
But in the dark, you let our fingers brush

How we would whirl to a sad song
Perhaps, i held you too tightly
Perhaps you drew air lightly
did it not feel right?

You say it didn’t hurt
My fingers follow the rain
moving effortless down my window pane
or where those your tears?
I know it broke your heart

It’s the way everything about you
is swirls of sky, and rivers, and forest
And i dizzily come apart in your arms

It’s how you’d whisper, “I love you.”
or where those goodbye?
With you, I never really know!