Happy sunday! Pray tell, how is your evening going?
I’ve spent the better half of mine listening to soft rock songs, drinking tea in a gigantic cup and doodling. I enventually decided on centering my drawing on this music, because i like that the song particularized the feeling of weakness associated with the flaws of being human. I like that it reinforces the importance of acknowledging ― particularly when we feel like it’s our prerogative to take up the world on our shoulder ― that, we are humans, and we sometimes trip and fall.

Featured music: Christina perri, human</em

I’m only human
And I crash and I break down
Your words in my head, knives in my heart
You build me up and then I fall apart
‘Cause I’m only human

Made by me!
Made by me!

The getup: Baby blue/maya blue loose crop top, paired with multicolor pattern, flared mini skirt and an ankle length wedge boot.

The girl: you are adequate, you are resilient, and you are strong. There’s nothing delicate about you!

I hope you like the drawing. 🙂
What kind of music inspires your creativity?

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A little braver

Greetings! This is the first post featured on my new project: Music & Art (i’m so excited!). Here, i’ll be posting more drawings and also featuring the music that will inevitably inspire this drawings.

Featured Music: A little braver, by Empire

I’ve been listening to this song on repeat and it’s no surprise seeing as how it brings to mind; love’s uncertainty that comes with unanswered questions, and the courage to become better and braver. What’s more, it has great lyrics and an amazing tune. What’s not to like, right?

“When it gets hard

I get a little stronger now

I get a little braver now

And when it gets dark

I get a little brighter now

I get a little wiser now

Before I give my heart away”

Drawing made by me
Drawing made by me

The girl: Jess

The getup: Black lace gown, with nipped-in waist line and flared out silk skirt.

Description: My drawing illustrates Jess in a ball gown with an air of questionable sureness which is suggested by the song depicted above. She is also seen ambiguously reaching out, or perhaps, letting go of something out of sight.

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My Favourite Things


Each day is a blessing. A day spent taking part in something you ardently enjoy doing, or simply spent with a loved one, is a reason to have a greatful heart! As such, I decided to make a list of a few of the many things that God has lavishly made available for me.
So here they are, “The little great things,” I am absolutely grateful for:


Escape music

Oh man! I am immensely grateful for music. Music sets free feelings i can not put into words, let alone understand. The combination of delightful vocals, sounds and lyrics does it for me!

Books, books, and more books!


“Books are a uniquely portable magic” ~Stephen King

For me, reading is my happy place and an utterly extraordinary experience. There are worlds just waiting to be discovered, adventures to undertake, lessons to learn with one flip of a page. Everyday i am greatful for the priviledge.

Nature (Sunset, Ocean & everything inbetween)


We are surrounded by nature’s tender gift. We only need to look! Sometimes, I may take them for granted. Yet, I am grateful for the large expands of the Oceans, the stars that light up the night sky, and the sun setting delightfully in the evening. They tell of God’s love!

Love, Sisters


I am tremendously blessed with two remarkable sisters slash bestfriends. I am grateful for the love they’ve generously conferred upon me. They are my absolutely favorite people!

Tv shows


I am thankful for technology and the lots it has made available. I can watch all my favourite Tv shows, which i enjoy doing with family and close friends. More than anything else, it has brought us even closer and for that i am genuinely grateful.

What are you grateful for?