The upward spiral of love!

The upward spiral of love!

“Give a little light. To get a little love back, give a little light.” —Rudimental • James Arthur, Sun comes up.


Illustrations by Precious Ugbo, copyright 2018, all rights reserved.

I cherish all the ways music says what mere words sometimes can’t. Let’s give love!

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Hello. It’s another rainy Monday morning, here!

On the radio, renegades by x ambassador blares through the speaker –“Its our time to break the rules.” It’s a slice of light on my heart and I’m channelling this song’s entire energy to take on the world today. Sometimes, it’s okay to break the mold.


Illustrations by Precious Ugbo, copyright 2018, all rights reserved.



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Marry me?

Marry me?



“Marry me!

If I ever get the nerve to say “Hello” in this cafe
Say you will!” –Train, marry me

Ah! This song. Prior to this illustration, I’ve been carrying around this song in my chest. Except now, i’m glad I could depict it in lines and colors!


Illustrations by Precious Ugbo, copyright 2018, all rights reserved


Unpack that silence and uncertainty. If you genuinely like someone. Tell him/her! x


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Free fall

Free fall


There are moments when I hold back from soaring the depths. Chiefly, because I think I’m too weak –how silly of me!

Then I let go and fall and fall and fall and you always catch me.


The song: One direction, strong.

“So many words we’re not saying
Don’t wanna wait ’til it’s gone
You make me strong.”

The girl:

Illustrations by Precious Ugbo, copyright 2018, all rights reserved.



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Hi hi, one and all,

Tonight, I’m sharing one of my many rain-themed drawing.
I’ve always loved rain! I like how it gets all dark and cool, which is always a welcome relieve particularly if you live here in Nigeria. The air feels all fresh and brand new, and there’s the feeling – something, like new beginning– in the post-rain sunshine. I absolutely love being drenched in all that feelings.

It rained earlier today, and It totally kick-started my idea for this drawing. Plus, my sister and I spent the whole time talking about how awesome it might actually be to dance under the pouring sky.

Hmmmm… Yeah, about that, we’ve both determined that as far as dancing in the rain goes, it may seem utterly fun, and inviting. However, we’d rather earnestly watch the rain drizzle down the window pane, all wrapped up warm (Us, not the window pane), than be in an actual drizzle.

The music: Ellie Goulding, Army.

“Dark times, you could always find the bright side”

The drawing: This is what I imagined dancing in the rain with ‘E’ would look like:

(Theoretically, If I stare at this drawing hard enough, I can feel raindrops on my skin. I just need to look… harder!)


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P.s: I’m sorry,  y’all. I’ve been missing for awhile. It is mostly because, I’ve been working on a new project for this blog and I’m seriously so excited, that I might actually have to go and have a lie down… to calm myself down!

Seriously, though. Be on the look out!! x



Hey, lovelies!

Hold up. let me get this out of my system first… Haaaaaaaaaaaappppppppppyyyyyyyyy Neeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeewwwww Yeeeeeeaeeaaaaaaaaaaar!!!!  

No, that wasn’t a typo. I’m just really excited and incredibly grateful that y’all choose to spend your time here, also, for sticking around. You guys are amazing.

No lie!

Which is why I am inwardly throwing roses at y’all (You just can’t see it!).

Now, now, now, before I get truly and deeply sidetracked, can we talk about how beautiful ‘perfect’ by Ed sheeran is! When I’m not drawing to the sound of this tune, I absolutely love to slow dance everytime this song comes up on the radio. But, let’s be honest, the things we love to do isn’t always what we are good at. For one thing, I say ‘Slow dance’ but, it’d take a panel of judges just to decipher that my bizarre moves are actual dance moves.
Perfect’ reminds me of all the things we ought to do with the people we love. It really doesn’t matter whether it’s dancing in an open field, talking for hours, or just sitting in silence, looking up at the stars. The point is being present at those moments and filling it up with lots of love. Sometimes, the grandest acts can be empty of meaning and the littlest acts speaks the loudest. We should never ever be hesitant to throw inhibition –preferably, into a dumpster and promptly setting it on fire. We gotta love loudly, people!

The song: Perfect, Ed sheeran:
“Baby, I’m dancing in the dark
With you between my arms
Barefoot on the grass
While listening to our favorite song
I have faith in what I see”.

The girl: Baby, you look perfect tonight.

May 2018 be filled with big smiles, and grand art, and good music paired with great coffee, and essentially, heaps upon heaps of love and beautiful moments.

To new beginnings!

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To the sky!

To the sky!

Hello, earthlings! (I’ve actually wanted to say those two words pretty much all day. Tee hee!)

Here’s a concept! A spaceship, specifically designed to store up on: 1. An abundance of books, 2. Arts! Inspired from all the incredible songs on my playlist, and 3. Coffee!

Sounds nice, doesn’t it?

Yeah, yeah, I’m fully aware that i come up with the most random thoughts and drawing at the AM’s! However, for this particular thought, I blame Owl city and their delightful spacetime travel themed songs. In any case, I’ve thoughtfully decided to spare y’all from the exact embarrassing number of times I’ve played ‘To the sky’ today, and just share my drawing with y’all.

I hope you like it! 🙂

The music: Owl city, to the sky

“There’s a realm above the trees
Where the lost are finally found
So touch your feathers to the breeze
And leave the ground”

The scene:Girl in space

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