Profoundly confessional

Profoundly confessional


It’s kinda funny how, when I drew this illustration, everything around me felt grey. I was unhappy and wanted to express that solemnity in my illustration. But, here was a loudly colorful illustration. It felt ironic!

I couldn’t figure it out, so I left it sitting as a draft for a really long time.

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Beauty in colors

Beauty in colors

Dear readers,

I spend a lot of time on here, writing about the little great things that bring colors to my otherwise monochromatic world. How about for a moment tonight, you sit with me and tell me all about the things that lights up your own world loudly?


Another rainy day today, spent drawing:

Illustrations by Precious Ugbo, copyright, all rights reserved

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I can’t ever decide!
Between your shy smile and your bright stare
burning massive hole in my heart
I am left weak, anyway

Maybe it’s the way you act
like you couldn’t bare to feel our bodies touch
But in the dark, you let our fingers brush

How we would whirl to a sad song
Perhaps, i held you too tightly
Perhaps you drew air lightly
did it not feel right?

You say it didn’t hurt
My fingers follow the rain
moving effortless down my window pane
or where those your tears?
I know it broke your heart

It’s the way everything about you
is swirls of sky, and rivers, and forest
And i dizzily come apart in your arms

It’s how you’d whisper, “I love you.”
or where those goodbye?
With you, I never really know!