Self-love: New year doodle

Two things you guys: 1. Today marks the beginning of a new year!  

2.I’ve managed to downplay my excitement. Well, maybe just a tiny bit! But, hey i did suppress the desire to write this post in shouty caps.

I’m just so grateful for all the lessons 2016 has taught me, for everyone (friends + family) who were and still are, an embodiment of joy and inspiration in my life through the year, and importantly, for you, yes you! Dear readers, i’m so thankful for you guys, taking the time to read, like and comment on my blog (a.k.a random ramblings). Thank you, thank you!

In the excitement of all that today stands for, i’m sharing this sketch i made. It’s a little different from the style i usually do, because i’ve decided i’m going to move all out of my comfort zone and try out new things, this year.

I got the inspiration to make this while watching Hailee Steinfeld’s music video ‘love myself’

Drawing made by me!
Drawing, made by me!

The girl: Mia

The getup: glittery green coat, worn on a short dress. Accessorized with close fitted yellow necklace and black knee-length heels.

Here’s hoping for the absolute best from 2017. Nothing less! Wishing you a sparkling and glittering New year, guys!

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Mindless doodle #2


The girl: Brave
The getup: Purple gown with silver sprinklings

I made this sketch and I named it Brave!

The state of my mind usually reflects on my drawing. Like, when i’m sad, I tend to create a saddish-looking sketch, but, when i’m happy I’d sketch something rather cheerful and colorfully bright. Other times when i’m really down, drawing would most likely than not serve as an outlet where I can both vent my disapointment and still create something artistic.

Lately, I’ve been feeling alot more braver than usual, hence the existence of this sketch, and to tell you the truth its an incredibly nice feeling. My new found confidence has everything to do with the books i’ve been reading and the music i’ve been listening to. The type that reminds me that i’m beautiful. The type that tells me to wear that blue dress I love so much, the one everyone else have decided dosen’t suit me. The type that reminds me that I’m not alone. The type that encourages me to speak out. The type that urges me to conquer my fears because i am capable.

So, hey you! This post is written as much for you as it is for me. As long as there’s something you ardently enjoy doing, be sure to make use of it positively. Whether it is singing; I hope it makes you feel alive, I hope it makes you happy and I hope it lifts your spirit whenever you feel down in the dumps or out of sort.
Dancing; let it help you recognize your self-worth and your ability as a person.
In speech or writing; let the flow of words give rise to freedom. Let it tell your story and inspire the rest of the world.

Remember, we are game-changers. All of us!

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#2 Reflection

I haven’t posted anything here in weeks. I know I should probably apologize to someone, but I’m not even sure to whom. The thing is, I’m not that certain anyone actually reads the posts I leave here (Insert laughter).

Lately, I’ve been having some major writer’s block. The only thing I feel capable of doing, is reading (I’ve even completed my 2016 Reading book challenge) and thinking, like a lot! Then some more reading and thinking. You get the idea?

Mostly, I Sometimes try to think deeply and logically about basic things, such as The nature of our existence, or How we should live. Not surprisingly, I don’t always achieve anything for my effort. Except, get an headache or in this case, ramble on about it on my blog.

For instance, I read a lot of YA books where the central theme focuses on bully, stereotype or kids ruining each other’s reputation with words like ‘freak’ and ‘slut’ or ‘bitch’ (Ugh! Someone really should put a ban on that word!). It is sad and it worries me more than you can imagine. However, I find comfort that these authors give attention to these subjects because it is very important.

I have been on the receiving end of people forming a fixed general image of me. People assume that I’d behave in a nerdy way because i wear glasses and they *expect* me to act in that particular way. I’ve had a lot of practice in acting like these things don’t affect me and I make an effort to appear unfazed. Infact, I got nominated for the most reserved student back at high school, for my trouble.

Even though it’s rather easy to fling out the I-don’t-care-vibe, when people form a negative opinion based on even the smallest thing as your outward apperance. Deep down we care. We don’t like to feel insignificant, because mostly, we want someone to acknowledge our importance. It’s how we’ve been constructed as humans.

That being the case, we should be conscious of how we act or behave towards people around us. People should be treated with nothing short of respect and dignity.

So, there! I have a whole lots of thoughts running through my head all the time and I don’t even know the answers to half of them.

But you reading this, I hope this post gives you a little something to reflect on.

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Mindless doddle #1

Doodle, made by iPreciously (Aka, Me!)
Doodle, made by iPreciously (Aka, Me!)

( How excellent a body, that Stands without a bone)

A perfect person has no joints.

The arms, emerging from long sleeves, are unmarked by the ripple of skin that shows where the limbs bend.

A perfect person’s portrait is life like despite their strange clothes, a dress that fastens without buttons or a zip, just a straight line across the material to show that it was not pulled on over the head.

It was still possible to believe that the person drawn was a real person despite the great almond-shaped eyes set deep into the head, deep and open, unable to blink. Eyes without eyelids or eye lashes.

~Modified from the book: White is for witching by Helen oyeyemi

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The perks of being a wallflower by Stephen Chbosky

The Perks of Being a WallflowerThe Perks of Being a Wallflower by Stephen Chbosky
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

This book has being on my ‘To be read’ list for quite a while -mostly because of the favourable ratings it has being getting, particularly from young adults. So, it came as a surprise that I didn’t really like the book.

More often than not, I like to connect with the characters of the books I read. I suppose The perks of being a wallflower is enough proof that i can’t always succeed.

For one thing, the book focuses on Charlie’s one-sided letter to a guy we never really got to know. In the letters, he wrote overwhelming outburst of words as regards his life, and the people in it. To tell you the truth, the entirety of the book concentrated on Charlie’s liking for books, his ability to overthink pretty much everything and then there’s the fact that he had a deeply disconcerting habit of either being on the verge of tears or simply crying, and at every chance he got.

“And then I started crying because it suddenly hit me that they were leaving” -Charlie.

And i’m like:
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~Source from google
~Source from google

(It was like talking to a teenage boy, but one with the emotional development of a 7 year old. Honestly!)

That being said, the book wasn’t a complete and utter disaster. There were parts when Chbosky deeply potrayed how it felt like, coming-of-age, or standing on the verge of life, or just trying to deal with a whole lot of personal feelings.

So, even though i didn’t exactly like the tone Charlie’s letters were expressed, I would totally recommend this book! The story emphasizes the importance of being in the present and doing things and really being there. It made me look at life in a meaningfully different perspective. It made me think and that is extremely important in a book, if you ask me.

**Favourite quote**

“Please believe that things are good with me, and even when they are not, they will be soon enough.”

“I am both happy and sad at the same time, and I’m still trying to figure out how that could be.”

“And all the books you’ve read have been read by other people. And all the songs you’ve loved have been heard by other people. And that girl that’s pretty to you is pretty to other people. and that if you looked at these facts when you were happy, you would feel great because you are describing ‘unity.”

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Daddy-Long-Legs (Book Review)

Daddy-Long-Legs (Daddy-Long-Legs, #1)Daddy-Long-Legs by Jean Webster

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

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“When Jerusha Abbott, an eighteen-year-old girl living in an
orphan asylum, was told that a mysterious millionaire had
agreed to pay for her education, it was like a dream come
true. For the first time in her life, she had someone she
could pretend was “family.”
But everything was not perfect, for he chose to remain
anonymous and asked that she only write him concerning
her progress in school.
Who was this mysterious gentleman and would Jerusha ever
meet him?”

(Synopsis from goodreads)

You guys, I am high on butterflies and waves of feelings, rolled into one giant mess and I’m holding Jean Webster soley accountable!
This book, ‘Daddy-long-legs,’ was a great read. I very much enjoyed the comical, yet excitingly descriptive words Jerusha/judy wrote letters to her kind, yet enigmatic benefactor. In a nutshell, this book was an absolutely light, fluffy and beautifully writen story.

I am undertaking the Goodread book challenge
and the decision to read not less than 5 classic books this year turned out to be one of the best resolution I made! I couldnt be more satisfied.
Growing up, it used to be that Alice in wonderland was my favourite classic book but, of course came the Harry Potter series. Hogwarts, Harry and magic, casually charmed their way into my heart. As did Jane Austen’s pride and Prejudice and Harper lee’s To kill a mocking bird.

(You know, come to think of it. I typically file all the good books i’ve read in a box labeled “favourite,” In my head. It happens like every-flipping-time!)

I really like that there are all these tons of books published everyday and yet we always spring back to the literary classics. Ageless and timeless, patiently waiting to be re-read. It makes me want to devote more time solely for reading and reading and reading all the books.

**Book description**

Main character: Female

Pov: Jerusha/Judy Abbott.

Tone: Light, humorous, thoughtful.

Categories: YA classic, coming of age, college, letter, orphan.

Time/era of story: 1900-1920’s

I am a sucker for book quotes and here are some swoon worthy lines from “Daddy-long-legs” :

“I think that the most necessary quality for any person to have is imagination. It makes people able to put themselves in other people’s places. It makes them kind
and sympathetic and understanding.”

“When you get accustomed to people or places or ways of living, and then
have them snatched away, it does leave an awfully empty, gnawing sort of sensation.”

“To bring a man into line, there are just two methods: one must either coax or be disagreeable. I scorn to coax men for what I wish. Therefore, I must be disagreeable.”

“It isn’t the great big pleasures that count the most; it’s making a great deal out of the little ones–I’ve discovered the true secret of happiness.”

“I believe absolutely in my own free will and my own power to accomplish– and that is the belief that moves mountains.”

“I think you’re the sweetest man that ever lived–and the foolishest!”

“It is funny how certain places get
connected with certain people, and you never go back without thinking of them.”

I saved the best for last!

“PS. This is the first love-letter I ever wrote. Isn’t it funny that I know how?”

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Happiness is…

When i’m not occupied with writing, here’s what i do, I draw. It may appear as mediocre or relatively unimportant in the general scheme of things, but it’s no less important to me as breathing.
Most young people my age pull out their phone when they are at a boring gathering to appear cool. I, however always bring my sketch book to doddle at any chance i get, and considering how I tend to get anxious in the presence of large number of people, drawing never fails to calm me down.

Drawing isn’t something i do to strive for a prize, mostly because it’s simply an activity i take great delight in doing. The emotive response I get when i draw are sometimes beyond words and other times i simply want to launch into a long-winded speech on how completely happy it makes me. At any rate, my style of drawing is solely mine and I hope will only improve with time.

I’ll end this introduction with one of my favourite quote:

“While drawing, I discover what I really want to say.” –Dario Fo

Drawing #1
Blond & brunette

Drawing #2
A girl wearing an Ankara African fabric


Drawing #3
Bandgirls, (Oldie but gold).
Inspired by Avenged sevenfold’s Afterlife


Drawing #4 Fashion

Drawing #5
Fashion, style

Drawing #6 Pencil sketch
Pen & Marker

Drawing #7 Anime

Drawing #8 Inspired from one of my favourite Book quote


What does happiness mean to you? Share your thoughts. x

#1 Reflection

I literally blinked and its less than 4 month to the end of another year! Does anyone else wonder if this year somehow tricked us into thinking we had enough time? (I tell you, one of this days i’m going to invent a time-machine).

The beauty of it all, is how each day -ordinary as it looks- has brought its own challenges and impediment. Inspite of all these, somehow We grow, We find a way to proceed forward and become better! So far, this year has taught me a considerable number of things and in no particular order, I have listed them out below:

1. Be swift to listen.
2. Ask questions, courteously.
3. Say thank you.
4. Never take anything for granted.
5. Be nice.
6. God, before anything else.
7. Overuse “I love you.”
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