A little braver

Greetings! This is the first post featured on my new project: Music & Art (i'm so excited!). Here, i'll be posting more drawings and also featuring the music that will inevitably inspire this drawings. Featured Music: A little braver, by Empire I've been listening to this song on repeat and it's no surprise seeing as... Continue Reading →


Self-love: New year doodle

Two things you guys: 1. Today marks the beginning of a new year!   2.I've managed to downplay my excitement. Well, maybe just a tiny bit! But, hey i did suppress the desire to write this post in shouty caps. I'm just so grateful for all the lessons 2016 has taught me, for everyone (friends +... Continue Reading →

Mindless doodle #2

The girl: Brave The getup: Purple gown with silver sprinklings I made this sketch and I named it Brave! The state of my mind usually reflects on my drawing. Like, when i'm sad, I tend to create a saddish-looking sketch, but, when i'm happy I'd sketch something rather cheerful and colorfully bright. Other times when... Continue Reading →

#2 Reflection

I haven't posted anything here in weeks. I know I should probably apologize to someone, but I'm not even sure to whom. The thing is, I'm not that certain anyone actually reads the posts I leave here (Insert laughter). Lately, I've been having some major writer's block. The only thing I feel capable of doing,... Continue Reading →

Mindless doddle #1

( How excellent a body, that Stands without a bone) A perfect person has no joints. The arms, emerging from long sleeves, are unmarked by the ripple of skin that shows where the limbs bend. A perfect person’s portrait is life like despite their strange clothes, a dress that fastens without buttons or a zip,... Continue Reading →

Daddy-Long-Legs (Book Review)

Daddy-Long-Legs by Jean Webster My rating: 5 of 5 stars View all my reviews “When Jerusha Abbott, an eighteen-year-old girl living in an orphan asylum, was told that a mysterious millionaire had agreed to pay for her education, it was like a dream come true. For the first time in her life, she had someone... Continue Reading →

Happiness is…

When i'm not occupied with writing, here's what i do, I draw. It may appear as mediocre or relatively unimportant in the general scheme of things, but it's no less important to me as breathing. Most young people my age pull out their phone when they are at a boring gathering to appear cool. I,... Continue Reading →

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