Love among the trees

“Another silence blanketed us, but this one wasn't awkward either. Just really, really heavy. Like one of us should have kept talking untill we ran out of things to say”  –Made you up, Francesca Zappia     Share your thoughts! 🙂


Free fall

H-hey y'all! I had Shawn Mendes’ song 'in my blood' on repeat all the time it took to draw this particular illustration. The lyrics is a little on the sad side. Actually, who am i kidding –This is one incredibly sad song. But, i absolutely love the sound of Shawn Mendes voice! Deep. Vulnerable. Genuine. Enjoy!... Continue Reading →


Hello, world! May we never tire of staring at the night sky, or finding peace in the beautiful yet seemingly insignificant things of the universe!   Share your thoughts! x


Hello, world! In practice I'm here, but in actual theory I'm sitting in a dimly lit café with coffee in my hand and James Arthur's voice whispering in my ears.   Share your thoughts! x


Hi hi, one and all, Tonight, I'm sharing one of my many rain-themed drawing. I've always loved rain! I like how it gets all dark and cool, which is always a welcome relieve particularly if you live here in Nigeria. The air feels all fresh and brand new, and there's the feeling – something, like... Continue Reading →


Hey, lovelies! Hold up. let me get this out of my system first... Haaaaaaaaaaaappppppppppyyyyyyyyy Neeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeewwwww Yeeeeeeaeeaaaaaaaaaaar!!!!   No, that wasn’t a typo. I'm just really excited and incredibly grateful that y’all choose to spend your time here, also, for sticking around. You guys are amazing. No lie! Which is why I am inwardly throwing roses at... Continue Reading →


Perhaps, here I can trade all these city life with its loud noise and blinding lights for some proper silence. The song: Jason walker, echo “Listen, listen I would take a whisper if that's all you had to give But it isn't, is it?” The girl: just-me-ness!     Share your thoughts! x

To the sky!

Hello, earthlings! (I've actually wanted to say those two words pretty much all day. Tee hee!) Here's a concept! A spaceship, specifically designed to store up on: 1. An abundance of books, 2. Arts! Inspired from all the incredible songs on my playlist, and 3. Coffee! Sounds nice, doesn't it? Yeah, yeah, I'm fully aware... Continue Reading →


Sometimes, the feeling is more music than mere words. The Music: Faded by Alan walker ft. Iselin solheim “Under the bright but faded lights You've set my heart on fire Where are you now? Atlantis Under the sea Where are you now?”   The girl: Drifting in clear sky and sea greens.     Share... Continue Reading →

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