The texture of words

The texture of words

Ric Hassani’s calm voice singing ‘Nwanyioma, I’d never leave you. I’d always love you. You’re my number one.’ …inspired this illustration.  

Illustration by Precious Ugbo, copyrights 2020. All rights reserved.

Nwanyioma means ‘beautiful girl’ in my dialect. And I’m so in love with the texture of the igbo language. It’s really beautiful! 




7 thoughts on “The texture of words

  1. 🎶 🎷 Music to my ears… Even the girl in the illustration is aware of ‘her’ beauty – ‘she’ can’t help but do ‘nyanga’.

    And true, the Igbo language is cool. Sometimes, I wish I understand the language so I can sing along to those melodious Igbo lines.

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    1. I dare say that ‘nyanga’ comes with the territory of being black, beautiful and confident. 😁

      Frankly, Nigeria is blessed with beautiful language like that. 😁 What part of the country are you from?


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