Profoundly confessional

Profoundly confessional


It’s kinda funny how, when I drew this illustration, everything around me felt grey. I was unhappy and wanted to express that solemnity in my illustration. But, here was a loudly colorful illustration. It felt ironic!

I couldn’t figure it out, so I left it sitting as a draft for a really long time.

However, today a song came on, on my Shuffle Play about how God refreshes the weary and reawakenes the colors in everything. It really felt like the clarity I had been desperately trying to grasp!


Illustration by Precious Ugbo, all rights reserved. Copyrights 2019.


Now, each time I looked at this illustration I love to be reminded of Christ’s ability to enfold us in His peace and how He turns grey moments into swirls of colors.


Peace & love! 💕



25 thoughts on “Profoundly confessional

  1. Hi ipreciously! ❤️ Totally love your blog! 💎😃💎😃💎😃
    By the way, I nominated you earlier for the SUNSHINE BLOGGER AWARD! Thanks for adding sunshine to my life! ☀️❤️🌻

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