Little beautiful things

Little beautiful things


Today, i spent my energy on little beautiful things. It was incredible!

I Read a book. Plus, took a walk with someone I absolutely adore! We laughed about a million silly things and watched the sunset together!

Well… I also tried about a trillion years to incorporate one of my favorite James Arthur’s song on a piece of art. Perhaps, I wasn’t in the proper emotional place —I failed, spectacularly!! Then, I went on to Play Hey violet’s song, ‘Hoodie’ about twenty times, in a misguided attempt to cheer myself up. (It’s rather unclear why I ever thought a breakup song would cheer me up.) But, hey! I ended up incorporating it into this piece of art!


“I’m still rocking your hoodie
And chewing on the strings
It makes me think about you…”

—Hey violet, hoodie.


Illustrations by Precious Ugbo, copyright 2018, all rights reserved.


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