The yellow effect!

The yellow effect!


I’ve been mulling over all the quietly lovely things I’ve been overlooking all along. From, –the seemingly small stuff, like this bunch of colored pencil which has being sitting on my work table for the longest time. I’ve meant to use them, but I seem to never get around to it.

To, the gigantic hibiscus flower, I’ve only ever giving passing thoughts and sideway glances each time I’ve walked past, on my way home. Old yet sturdy, like she could withstand even a tornado. A lesson in perseverance, If you ask me!

Or, the loud, but consistent sound of rain. Not the actual rain, but the steady pitter-patter sound. Like large Feet tap, tap, tap dancing.

Like, how this whole post wouldn’t be complete if I didn’t mention the color – yellow. Or, how all this half-attention I’ve been paying this remarkable color seems fairly inadequate. And, now that I’ve figured out a way to incorporate yellow into these new category of drawing I’ve been working on. I can only hope that I reflect on my illustrations properly, Yellow immersive effect.



Enjoy! 🌼


“Are we not acceptable, moon? Are we not lovely sitting together here…?” –Virginia woolf

Illustrations by Precious Ugbo, copyright 2018, all rights reserved.





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