Hi hi, one and all,

Tonight, I’m sharing one of my many rain-themed drawing.
I’ve always loved rain! I like how it gets all dark and cool, which is always a welcome relieve particularly if you live here in Nigeria. The air feels all fresh and brand new, and there’s the feeling – something, like new beginning– in the post-rain sunshine. I absolutely love being drenched in all that feelings.

It rained earlier today, and It totally kick-started my idea for this drawing. Plus, my sister and I spent the whole time talking about how awesome it might actually be to dance under the pouring sky.

Hmmmm… Yeah, about that, we’ve both determined that as far as dancing in the rain goes, it may seem utterly fun, and inviting. However, we’d rather earnestly watch the rain drizzle down the window pane, all wrapped up warm (Us, not the window pane), than be in an actual drizzle.

The music: Ellie Goulding, Army.

“Dark times, you could always find the bright side”

The drawing: This is what I imagined dancing in the rain with ‘E’ would look like:

(Theoretically, If I stare at this drawing hard enough, I can feel raindrops on my skin. I just need to look… harder!)


Share your thoughts! x


P.s: I’m sorry,  y’all. I’ve been missing for awhile. It is mostly because, I’ve been working on a new project for this blog and I’m seriously so excited, that I might actually have to go and have a lie down… to calm myself down!

Seriously, though. Be on the look out!! x


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