Sweater weather

Greetings, from my very wet corner of the world! This few days, the sun, in a – typical uncool style – decided it had better things to do than hang around here, so basically it’s just one giant stretch of rain!

Quite nice.

Particularly, if one gets to spend the whole day listening to music and perfecting the act of doing absolutely nothing. In related news, I made a playlist and gave it a proper title. Can you guess?  It’s “Sweater Weather”. I don’t get to loll around as much as I want, but I get to draw, whilst listening to an abundance of music and share it with you guys!


The girl: Uh, cozy is the new black?

The getup: Jeans and sweater.


Is it sunny in your own corner? Send a little sunshine my way, will ya! x 


10 thoughts on “Sweater weather

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  1. I love sweater weather!! 👏🏼👏🏼💗. It’s getting “chilly” at night here in South Texas, which to us means “anything below 70” lol. But then again, when 100 days of 100 degrees is a reality, I guess 70 *is* chilly lol.

    I totally love your artwork!! Is it original work by you? It’s really cute 💙💚

    Thank you so much for following me! I took one look at your blog’s tagline and thought, “yep! Awesome!” Following you, too, post haste! Nice to meet you! 😁❤️

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    1. Oh! Thank you so much for following and for such nice words! It’s so lovely to have met you, too.😻💖
      And yes, these artworks are all mine.

      P.s: Dare I say the sun is back on duty here in Nigeria. and it looks very suspicious like she came back loaded with buckets of vengeance.

      Oops, I meant to type radiance!😁
      Thank you for reading!

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