#2 Reflection

I haven’t posted anything here in weeks. I know I should probably apologize to someone, but I’m not even sure to whom. The thing is, I’m not that certain anyone actually reads the posts I leave here (Insert laughter).

Lately, I’ve been having some major writer’s block. The only thing I feel capable of doing, is reading (I’ve even completed my 2016 Reading book challenge) and thinking, like a lot! Then some more reading and thinking. You get the idea?

Mostly, I Sometimes try to think deeply and logically about basic things, such as The nature of our existence, or How we should live. Not surprisingly, I don’t always achieve anything for my effort. Except, get an headache or in this case, ramble on about it on my blog.

For instance, I read a lot of YA books where the central theme focuses on bully, stereotype or kids ruining each other’s reputation with words like ‘freak’ and ‘slut’ or ‘bitch’ (Ugh! Someone really should put a ban on that word!). It is sad and it worries me more than you can imagine. However, I find comfort that these authors give attention to these subjects because it is very important.

I have been on the receiving end of people forming a fixed general image of me. People assume that I’d behave in a nerdy way because i wear glasses and they *expect* me to act in that particular way. I’ve had a lot of practice in acting like these things don’t affect me and I make an effort to appear unfazed. Infact, I got nominated for the most reserved student back at high school, for my trouble.

Even though it’s rather easy to fling out the I-don’t-care-vibe, when people form a negative opinion based on even the smallest thing as your outward apperance. Deep down we care. We don’t like to feel insignificant, because mostly, we want someone to acknowledge our importance. It’s how we’ve been constructed as humans.

That being the case, we should be conscious of how we act or behave towards people around us. People should be treated with nothing short of respect and dignity.

So, there! I have a whole lots of thoughts running through my head all the time and I don’t even know the answers to half of them.

But you reading this, I hope this post gives you a little something to reflect on.

share your thoughts! x


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