#1 Reflection

I literally blinked and its less than 4 month to the end of another year! Does anyone else wonder if this year somehow tricked us into thinking we had enough time? (I tell you, one of this days i’m going to invent a time-machine).

The beauty of it all, is how each day -ordinary as it looks- has brought its own challenges and impediment. In spite of all these, somehow We grow, We find a way to proceed forward and become better! So far, this year has taught me a considerable number of things and in no particular order, I have listed them out below:

1. Be swift to listen.
2. Ask questions, courteously.
3. Say thank you.
4. Never take anything for granted.
5. Be nice.
6. God, before anything else.
7. Overuse “I love you.”

8. Be you, but better inside out.
9. “Love thy neighbour as yourself” was easier said than done.
(Note to self: Try harder!)
10. Seek wisdom.
11. Read more books.
12. Seek out the good in people.
13. Life is unpredictable- don’t hold grudges.
14. No one has an obligation to make me happy.
15. Happiness is a choice, I choose to be happy.

Has this year left you with something to reflect on, so far? Do share your thoughts! x


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