Introduction And Other Random Ramblings

Okey, to be honest, i have no idea why this post is even happening.
(inserts nervous laughter)
I’ve never really been good at sharing personal thoughts, it’s like an hey-let’s-rip-my-heart-out-party, but without the usual food, drinks and music and well… Whatever else they do in parties.

Quick question: Is it possible to simultaneously combust from holding everything back?


Um… Nah.
*more nervous laughter*

So why is this post even happening?
I aim to unlock my mind, with its blinding swirls of colors and shapes, thoughts and feelings at war with each other-in all its entirety.
I aim to put into words, stirring of emotions perceived on an inherently personal level and allign them into a logical state.

So basically, i wanted this blog to be a place, where i could access my mind and pour out excruciatingly honest and carefully thought out words.
And a few random ramblings while at it.


I might as well just get a personal diary.


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