This one is for y'all. I don't say this enough. I'm so glad to have you all here in my tiny corner of the internet. You are beautiful, you are amazing!   What! You want a list of all your glorious qualities?! 😁   Share your thoughts. x        


Caught up!

Do not move, do not go. Sink within this moment. Hold it forever! –Virginia Woolf     Share your thoughts! x

Coffee love

Coffee and little sideway words. The noise fades; you're my whole focal point.       Share your thoughts! x


“How many times have people used a pen or paintbrush because they couldn't pull the trigger” –Virginia Woolf ~•~ “You are all the colors in one, in full brightness” –All the bright places, Jennifer niven.   Share your thoughts! x

The yellow effect!

~•~ I've been mulling over all the quietly lovely things I've been overlooking all along. From, --the seemingly small stuff, like this bunch of colored pencil which has being sitting on my work table for the longest time. I've meant to use them, but I seem to never get around to it. To, the gigantic... Continue Reading →

Love among the trees

“Another silence blanketed us, but this one wasn't awkward either. Just really, really heavy. Like one of us should have kept talking untill we ran out of things to say”  –Made you up, Francesca Zappia     Share your thoughts! 🙂

Free fall

  There are moments when I hold back from soaring the depths. Chiefly, because I think I'm too weak –how silly of me! Then I let go and fall and fall and fall and you always catch me.   The song: One direction, strong. “So many words we're not saying Don't wanna wait 'til it's gone... Continue Reading →


Hello, world! May we never tire of staring at the night sky, or finding peace in the beautiful yet seemingly insignificant things of the universe!   Share your thoughts! x


Hello, world! In practice I'm here, but in actual theory I'm sitting in a dimly lit café with coffee in my hand and James Arthur's voice whispering in my ears.   Share your thoughts! x

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